Clean Bottom pools is proud to provide quality products from Zodiac. Whether you want to increase the efficiency of your pool systems or just add beautiful aesthetic features, Clean Bottom Pools offers a full range of quality equipment and lighting from Zodiac that we are confident in offering our customers. Here are just a few of our customer favorites!


POOL CLEANERS - Zodiac has a complete line of innovative, ultra-efficient suction pool cleaners. Most commonly requested by our customers, due to their quality and reliability and efficiency, are:


The MX6™ - This best-in-class and efficient cleaner is perfect for pools with 2-speed or variable speed pumps. It is designed to be low-flow so it saves energy thereby saving you money. And with programmed navigation it cleans your pool thoroughly.

The MX8™This cleaner is considered best choice for solar, variable speed and 2-speed pumps.   It boasts dual cyclonic suction. It moves faster while requiring 30% less flow, saving you money with this upgraded class of cleaner.

The MX8™ Elite - Another energy-efficient cleaner that boasts a wider cleaning path that handles larger debris than most pool cleaners. It also uses cyclonic scrubbing brushes that are equipped to handle any pool surface as well as aggressively climb walls to reach the tile line. This cleaner is equipped to remove the toughest stuck on debris from your pool surfaces.


JANDY Another Zodiac Company that includes a full line of professional-grade equipment from pumps to filters and heaters.

SALTWATER CHLORINATOR-TRUCLEAR®This extremely low flow sanitizer is fully compatible with variable-speed pumps and is simple to use as well as install and service. Clean Bottom Pool certified tech will help you determine what system is best for you and your needs. See our Salt Vs Chlorine page.

LED NICHELESS UNDERWATER LIGHTS -Pro SeriesThese newer lights give you more radiant color and come in several options of output as well as design. With these lights, Clean Bottom Pools can take your pool from ordinary to extraordinary!

appAUTOMATION AquaLink® with the The Aqualink ®RS, Aqualink PDA or Aqualink®Z4 - you can find the right fit for any pool environment, allowing you to control your pool anywhere and anytime. Using a web-connected device or their free smartphone app, you can control all the elements of your pool or pool/spa system with one touch! Let Clean Bottom Pools help you find the right system for you.

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