pentairClean Bottom Pools is proud to work with PENTAIR and their quality brand of pool products. They are considered a world leader in state-of-the-art technology built into dependable swimming pool and spa equipment. Their products help us to reduce energy costs using eco-friendly pumps, heaters and LED lighting technology that is not only eco smart but creates beautiful pools and spas. Here are just a few of our favorites at Clean Bottom Pools.


IntelliFloVARIABLE SPEED PUMPS - IntelliFlo® 2 VST This ENERGY STAR® Certified pum is designed to reduce noise and vibration which provides greater efficiency and longer pump life. It is compatible with IntelliTouch®, EasyTouch®, SunTouch® Pool Control Systems, as well as other brands of automation. Pentair has a large selection of pumps to choose from. Ask your Clean Bottom Pool tech to help you find the one suited best for you!


LED COLOR CHANGING LIGHTS-IntelliBright® IntelliBrite 5g automated color-changing pool and spa lights are state of the art technology when it comes to energy efficiency. These colored lights rotate through 5 colors, magenta, blue, green, white and red and have pre-programmed color shows. They are also backwards compatible to work with the first generation IntelliBright lights. What we like about the Intellibrite® LED lights is the superior reflection design which enables more light to be directed at the swimming pool’s bottom to intensify the color effects. Ask your Clean Bottom Pools rep to help you make some magic with lighting in your pool!

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